Scanning the globe to meet all your shipping needs.



KOL ships all around the United States. From East to West coast and everything in between.

Same day Shipping

Whether it is a local shipment or a hotshot (expedited) shipment that you delivered as soon as possible.

Full truckload services

We can provide full truckload services whether it is a full 26’ straight truck or 53’ trailer.

3-5 day shipping

KOL has the capacity to pick up your shipment and have it delivered between a 3-5 day period. Whether it is ran on partial dedicated truck (if you have a large shipment and trying to save money) or a small shipment that isn’t in a rush to be delivered for a competitive price.

Economy Shipping

If you have a small shipment, we can pick up and deliver “slow boat.” This means there is no designated time your shipment needs to be delivered, while also not breaking the bank shipping your product.

Next day

When the shipment is booked, we can pick up and delivery next day, next day before noon on a special, or next day at any time designated!

Partials (Match your freight up!)

If you have high valued equipment, more freight than a 26’ truck can hold (12 pallets), or need to be at its delivery location but want to save some money, we can match your freight up with other shipments we have going to or near that area for a discounted price.

Hotshot services

If your shipment needs to be at its destination asap, we can run “hotshots” to get it there as soon as possible. Whether it is in a cargo/sprinter van, straight truck or trailer.

Specialized vehicles or Oversized shipments

KOL has the capacity to haul freight that may require a Flatbed Trailer or Single/Double drop deck trailers. If it turns out to be over legal transport weight or legal dimensions, we can provide permits and transportation to its final destination.


Short term and Long Term Warehousing

KOL can store your product in our 13,000sq/ft warehouse, along with our additional 20,000sq/ft offsite facility, for a month to month term. No long term contracts required unless that is what you are looking for.

24 hour Secured Facility

KOL’s warehouse is equipped with a round the clock monitoring system. 24 surveillance cameras and full alarm door/bay door alarms.

Airport shipping

KOL is a TSA approved trucking company. We have the availability to pick up and delivery to any airport in the United States. All of our drivers have TSA training and STA numbers(with badges).

White Glove Services

When delivering your freight, we can unpack your shipment, deliver inside the place of business(with 1 or 2 men) and haul all the trash away. We can also meet any specific detailed requirements for getting your freight delivered.

Pick and Pack services

KOL can go inside your place of business (with 1 or more men), pick up the materials requested and pack them onsite and onto pallet(s) for safe transport.

Distribution/"Milk Runs"

We have the capacity to pick up multiple shipments from your location and delivery to different locations designated on the same truck.

Trade Show approved

KOL is an approved trade show carrier. We can ship your trade show freight to all convention or hotel locations throughout the entire United States.

Custom Crating and Packaging

We can provide crating for your freight and have it packaged any way you would like.

International Shipping

KOL has partnered with an International shipper that can meet all your international shipping needs. Please contact for more information.