How to Ship

  To get started, open an account.

By filling out and faxing back to KOL, you will receive an account id which will be used for specific data and package shipping.

  Complete a Schedule and Pick-up form and submit online.

Our office will arrange to pick up our package at the deignated location.

  Please attach the original Bill of Lading (BOL) to the largest piece.

Things you will want to verify to prevent delays:

1) Include advance warehouse cut-off time and dates and show-site move-in times and dates.
2) Include exact dimensions per piece.
3) Include emergency contact information such as cell phone or pager numbers.
4) Pack and label your shipment carefully. Each piece should have one label with the destination address, show name and booth number. Indicate pieces by numbering 1 of 10, 2 of 10 etc.
5) If shrink-wrapped or palletized, place a label on each piece as well as outside on the shrink-wrap.